Ranieri Building Services are not a project home builder. They are a custom builder who take pride in being transparent in their pricing.  If you have built with many of the bigger building companies you will have experienced many surprise add on costs after your contract has been signed i.e. levelling your build site, variations in footings, removing excess soil from levelling and digging footings, that is just in the first week of your build.  Julian will consider all of these expenses  discuss them with you and include them in your quote (subject to surveyors and engineers reports being arranged prior to contracts being signed).  Julian will also consider the functionality of the entire site, not just where the build will take place, he will discuss the appropriate floor levels, storm water drainage, garden levels and possible retaining walls he will then provide you with the option of having his contractors prepare the levels while the heavy machinery is already on site preparing the building base. These cost can also be built into your contract up front rather than having your build handed over then trying to hand level your site due to restricted access. You like a certain brand of appliance, a particular tile etc not a problem you will be provided with what is known as prime costs (p.c) for the items, this is to provide you all the flexibility you need with out limiting to you to their regular supplier. Its all these types of things a project building will not advise you on or do for you.

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